Teeuwissen Group


Teeuwissen Group, Everything is Valuable transparant

Teeuwissen is one of the world's leading meat and poultry by-products companies specializing in the pharmaceutical, pet food, and sausage casings industries and many areas for human consumption.  The company and affiliates source, process, and supply virtually all animal by-products, operating under the slogan "Everything is Valuable".        

Specific to the casing industry, the Teeuwissen group of companies and joint ventures, Great West Casings proudly being one, offer unparalleled value to suppliers and customers worldwide.  The group works closely with leading slaughter houses offering our people, management, equipment, and technology to produce the highest quality natural casing possible.  The group has joint ventures with leading selection companies in China and distributes the finished product worldwide.  We are very proud to have many customers and suppliers actively supporting our efforts.

Related to casings, Bioiberica, a sister company of Teeuwissen, is a  Spanish pharmaceutical company and the western world's largest manufacturer of crude heparin.  Heparin is produced from mucosa, found primarily in the lining of pig small intestines.  Mucosa is harvested in the same process as casings.  Unlike our competitors, our group of companies is able to add direct production value to both industry segments.

In June 2014 SARIA Bio-Industries announced their acquisition of majority stakes in Teeuwissen and Bioiberica.  After EU regulatory approval, both companies became part of the SARIA group, one of three branches in the German RETHMANN group of companies.