Great West, LLC

Established in 1980, Great West was a meat and meat by-products trading company specializing in beef for the pet food industry.  Over the years it has developed to become a collection and processing company covering beef, pork, poultry and dry beans for a number of animal feed applications, the pharmaceutical industry, and various products for human consumption.

Like Great West Casings, Great West and York Cold Storage are wholly owned subsidiaries of Great West - Teeuwissen, LLC.  Great West - Teeuwissen was organized in 2008 when Great West and Teeuwissen Products (The Netherlands) formed a 50/50 joint venture in the United States to combine the expertise of both groups. Teeuwissen was seeking an ownership position with a respected company in the United States well positioned for future growth in the meat and poultry industry. Great West was looking to diversify in areas of the industry where Teeuwissen had expertise and proven success. 

We are proud of our long service to the worldwide industry. Our joint efforts continue to seek opportunities to add value in areas where our many customers and suppliers find benefit.