Bioiberica transparant

Since the company's beginning in 1975, Bioiberica has specialized in the research, manufacture, and marketing of biomolecules for the pharmaceutical, veterinary, and agricultural industries to improve the wellbeing of people, animals (both household and farm), and plants. 



Bioiberica is a world leader in:   

- Heparin science and production;

- Pharmaceutical products and active ingredients for human and animal joint care;

- Products for human immune system health and digestive care.

Having Bioiberica as a sister company in the Teeuwissen group offers Great West Casings many advantages over other casing companies.  Our group adds significant production value to the related pork by-products of casings and mucosa.

In June 2014 SARIA Bio-Industries announced their acquisition of majority stakes in Teeuwissen and Bioiberica.  After EU regulatory approval, both companies became part of the SARIA group, one of three branches in the German RETHMANN group of companies.