A Different Kind of Casing Company 

For over three decades, we have proven ourselves to be reliable partners with customers and suppliers in all facets of the meat industry. We are bringing that formula for success to the US casing market.

Great West Casings, LLC is a team and group working for you. Our network is focused on providing high quality products and services to sausage processors and industry distributors. Great West Casings can offer superior quality products because of our unique involvement throughout the supply chain. Our company is involved with the initial sourcing, cleaning, and production of casings in packing houses worldwide.  Our group has developed technology and equipment that produces a better yielding, higher quality casing. 

Our primary goal is to provide customers with a high quality product and a superior level of service, ensuring that, as a partner, we are doing everything we can to support their business needs.

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Why us 

Relationship management is an extremely important consideration during our sausage casings sales processes.  We like to understand what can be done to improve our customer's performance and efficiencies.  We like to sample as needed to find the best product to fit our customer's needs.

Consistency in supply is critical to our success.  We are proud of the relationships we built with our suppliers and we view our partnerships in this area to be every bit as important as the relationships we have developed with our customers.  We are not satisfied unless we add value to both ends of the supply chain.

A worldwide team of great people is involved in the entire natural casing production process allows us to maintain a higher degree of consistent quality control.  We're proud that our consistency offers greater efficiencies for customers and suppliers.




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