Our products

  • Natural Casings

    Natural Casings

    Great West Casings, LLC produces and supplies the finest natural hog, sheep and beef sausage casings to meet our customer's strict quality standards.

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  • Artificial Casings

    Artificial Casings

    Great West Casings, LLC is also a reliable supplier of quality artificial casings including collagen, fibrous and cellulose products.

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  • Originals / Runners

    Originals / Runners

    With a close eye on production and quality control, Great West Casings, LLC sources original raw material from packing houses in the United States.

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  • Pharmaceutical


    With unrivaled group experience and expertise, Great West Casings, LLC is an important supplier of mucosa and other animal derived raw material.

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  • Human Consumption

    Human Consumption

    Our group companies have years' of experience sourcing, producing and selling beef, pork, poultry, and animal by-products for human consumption.

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